Mobile Offer Technology

Reach consumers in any channel with our easy to use API or web-based digital toolset.

  • Broad selection of offer types and capabilities
  • Seamless integration with retail apps and outside channels
  • Full branding and design flexibility

Rebate & Rewards

Promote your brand, not ours. Our Rebate & Rewards solution gives you full control over branding, budget, and duration.

  • Retailer-agnostic
  • Real time reward delivery via PayPal, Venmo, Partner Gift/Merchandising Codes
  • Full branding flexibility and dynamic workflows

Promotions for Beer

Launching promotions for beer isn’t easy, due to state restrictions. Our platform adapts to regulations to help you deliver rebates and coupons.

  • Legal and regulatory compliance
  • Secure and accurate fulfillment
  • Reward delivery via PayPal and Venmo

Age Verification for Restricted Products

Age-restricted products make up more than 50% of c-store sales. Our platform helps you verify the age of shoppers so you can safely deliver promotions.

  • Seamless integration into digital channels
  • One-time verification process
  • Verify shoppers in under 2 minutes