Koupon Offer Viewer


The Koupon Offer Viewer is tool that enables our clients to deploy a web-based offer experience in a matter of minutes. Offer Viewer is mobile-responsive and can be used as a standalone page or embedded into an existing desktop or mobile website. Some of our clients have also embedded Offer Viewer into a mobile app to expedite the implementation of offers.

Offer Viewer Docs

Offer Viewer is the easiest way to build a Web Channel on the Koupon Platform. When a new Channel is created using Offer Viewer, a link will be automatically generated by the platform and displayed for a client to use. Using Koupon Manager, Accounts can customize the page branding and styling. All of the Koupon Platform’s mobile web features are available and configurable through Offer Viewer.

Page Styling

Our goal is to help brands and retailers provide a well-branded experience for their customers. To do so, we’ve made the Offer Viewer styling configurable.

Brand Logo

Brands and retailers can upload an official logo to use throughout the experience. The logo will be displayed at the top of both the desktop and mobile views. If a logo is not uploaded, no logo will be shown and the space reserved for the logo will be eliminated in the view. Many developers that are embedding the Offer Viewer in an existing web page will omit the Brand Logo and allow an existing web page to provide header content.

Accent Color

The accent color changes the coloring of the Redemption Option, tap to redeem, and Done button in the experience. It is yet another way for a brand to provide a familiar experience to its customers.

Offer Content


An offer’s headline is displayed on the List, Details, and Barcode page of the core offer experience. In the Offer Viewer, the headline is truncated at 30 characters.

Sub Headline

Similar to the headline, the offer’s sub headline is displayed on the List, Details, and Barcode pages. The sub-headline is truncated at 82 characters.


The offer image is shown throughout the Core Offer Experience. It is enlarged on the Details and Barcode pages.

Valid Date

The valid date is shown on the List, Details, and Barcode pages. The Valid Date is displayed as the offer’s End Date unless custom Scheduling Copy is added to the offer, in which case the Valid Date would be overridden.


The Offer Viewer supports all Koupon barcode types and is shown only on the barcode page. The Offer Viewer also supports barcode pools or unique barcodes.

Offer Timer

A retailer or brand can limit the amount of time a barcode is presented, mainly for fraud prevention purposes. The Offer Viewer supports Koupon’s Offer Timer feature, which allows clients to configure a timer that expires an offer.

Redemption Options

Users who view an Offer Viewer link on a mobile device will be automatically directed to the Core Offer Experience — List, Details, Barcode, and Done. Learn more about the Core Offer Experience here. For users who visit an Offer Viewer link on a desktop web browser, Offer Viewer displays a desktop-friendly layout. From the desktop view, Offer Viewer supports three Redemption Options. Clients have the option of making one or all of the options available:

SMS Text

Customers enter their mobile number and receive a text message with a link to the Core Offer Experience. The actual message can be configured for each instance of the Offer Viewer (per channel). Clients also have the option of including a numerical text display of a barcode number, commonly used by retailers if a large portion of its customer base doesn’t have access to mobile web. Users are identified by their phone number so Limited Use offers can be enforced. Clients are required to use a Koupon Supported SMS provider in order to use the SMS Text Redemption Option.


If an Account wants to provide printable coupons, the Print Redemption Option works well. Customers simply click Print and the Offer can be printed from the browser. Keep in mind, each selection of Print is considered a “Barcode Presented” state and affects the Redemption Cap (more about offer states here) and per user limits. If the Offer is a Limited Use offer, the customer is asked to confirm a Print action before proceeding and using the offer. Once an offer’s per user limit is reached by a customer, they will be unable to print any additional coupons.


Customers have the option of emailing themselves an offer to be printed and used later. After entering their email address and clicking send, customers receive an email with a printable coupon. Similar to the Print Redemption Option, emailing an offer is considered a “Barcode Presented” state and has an affect on Redemption Caps and per user limits.

Usage Limits & Targeting


Retailers or brands can limit which offers are displayed based on a customer’s location using Geo-Targeting.  If this beginning of the Offer Viewer’s mobile experience, the customer to share his or her location.


If an offer has been created using Koupon’s Geo-Gating feature, customer’s will only be able to view the barcode page if they are within a specified range of one of the retailer’s stores. Keep in mind, they will be able to view the offer in a the List or Details page, but they won’t be able to advance until they are located within the pre-determined radius of a store.

Per User Limits

Limited Offers, or offers with a per user barcode presented limit, are enforced using Offer Viewer. Users are uniquely identified with either a combination of phone number, email address, and web cookie. Once a user sees the barcode for an offer, it is considered “redeemed” and this event affects the customer’s limit. Selecting Print or Email on the Offer Viewer’s desktop view is considered a viewed barcode or “redeemed.” If the user reaches his or her limit they will be unable to see the offer on both desktop and mobile views.