Mobile Offers

Offer Content

Offer Content

The  Koupon Platform provides standard fields for displaying common content about an offer.

Headline — the offer headline is the largest, boldest message about the offer. It’s usually shorter in characters, but clearly describes the discount or product being communicated. For example, a headline might read “$5 Off!” or “Buy One Get One!” or “Free Bottled Water”

Sub Headline — the offer sub-headline is where more context can be added to the offer, whether it’s an action needed by a customer or the product being discounted. Sub headlines are usually longer and slightly less prominent than a headline. For example, a sub headline might read “When You Spend $10 or More” or “On all Sodas, Snacks, and Candy.”

Image — each offer can include an image that displays the product or products being promoted. A secondary image can also be added and can be useful if the Account is building its own experience with Koupon API or Koupon SDK.

Valid Date — each offer created in the Koupon Platform must have a schedule. An offer’s schedule includes a start date, an End Date, and an optional Preview Date during which the offer is displayed but not yet redeemable. The offer’s barcode can be seen any time between the Start Date and End Date.

Barcode — Koupon proudly supports more than 40 barcode types for mobile offers. Retailers and brands have the ability to create a static barcode for each offer, or upload Code Pools or groups of barcodes that enable an Account to distribute a unique barcode to each customer who views the offer. Koupon also works with retailers using code algorithms to provide secure barcodes.

Legal — Rules and restrictions about promotions are important and Koupon allows retailers and brands to customize an offer’s legal copy in real time. This copy is shown whenever an offer is opened to its Details page, so expectations can be clearly set with the customer.

Instructions — When a customer decides to redeem an offer, optional redemption instructions can be displayed.

Completed Message  Once an offer is redeemed, the Account can configure a Completed message that thanks the customer for using the offer. This message is HTML-enabled so links, logos, or other rich content can be added to this page to enhance the experience.

Core Offer Experience

While channel types and approaches may vary by retailer or brand, the ultimate goal of the Koupon Platform is to deliver an offer to a customer’s mobile device. After years of working with retailers and brands, Koupon has developed the Core Offer Experience. Our platform, including offer delivery, display, redemption, and reporting is built around the Core Offer Experience illustrated below.


If the user is viewing more than one offer, he or she will likely be viewing them in a list. Some Accounts call this the “offer wallet” of “offer section.” Here all offers are displayed and can be filtered as needed. Only summary content, including the offer’s image, headline, sub headline, and valid date are shown on the list page. For reporting purposes, we consider offers seen here as “Viewed.”

Once a customer selects an offer to open, he or she is taken to the Details page. Here the customer sees a larger offer image and summary content, and legal information about the offer. Most importantly, the customer is presented with a “Tap to Redeem” button which will direct the customer to the Barcode and allow him or her to redeem the offer in the store. For reporting purposes, we consider offers seen here as “Opened.”

After a customer selects “Tap to Redeem” he or she is directed to the barcode page. This is where the barcode is presented and can be scanned or entered by a store associate. Depending on the offer’s configuration, the Barcode page might be restricted to only customer’s near a store. Additionally, the Barcode Page might include an Offer Timer that expires the offer after a specified timeframe. For reporting purposes, we consider this the “Barcode Presented” state.

If a customer selects Done on the Barcode page or if the offer has an Offer Timer and it expires, the user is taken to the Done page. Here a customer can see the offer’s Completed Message. For reporting purposes, we consider this the “Completed” state.

Additional Offer Features

Redemption Cap
Retailers and brands commonly have a budget or expectation of the total number of offers they want redeemed. For this reason, Koupon supports Redemption Caps or a total number of barcodes that can be presented to customers. Our platform tracks each unique instance of a barcode being shown to a customer to eliminate concerns about fraud or abuse.

Offer Limits
Each offer can be Unlimited or Limited. Unlimited offers place no restrictions on the number of times an individual customer can view a barcode. Conversely, Limited offers place a restriction on the number of times a barcode can be presented to a customer. For example, a marketer might stipulate that an offer’s barcode can only be presented to each user 2 times. Offer Limits help Accounts ensure that offers can’t be over-redeemed by an individual.

Offer Timer
Accounts can set a specified period of time that a barcode can be viewed for an offer. The timer can either be visible or non-visible, depending on the styling of the Channel. Offer Timers are usually set anywhere between 15 and 60 minutes, mostly to give time for customers to shop and redeem the offer. In addition to preventing fraud, the Offer Timer also adds a sense of urgency to an offer, which we have found to increase the likelihood that it will be redeemed.

To provide an additional level of security, Koupon supports the ability to Geo-Gate offers. This allows an Account to limit access to the barcode page based on a customer’s location. The most common use case is to limit the barcode presentation to customers located within a specified distance from one of the retailer or a participating retailer’s stores. Geo-Gated Offers are another way to ensure that only customers in a store can redeem the offer. Further, we find that most Geo-Gated offers activated are ultimately redeemed in a transaction, giving the retailer or brand clarity about how many offers have been redeemed.

Different than Geo-Gating, Geo-Targeting limits which offers can be viewed at all — in the List or Details page — based on a customers location. For example, a brand might only want a Buy One Get One Free offer to be seen in California. It could then only show the offer to customers within a certain number of miles from its California stores.

Location & Time Stamps
Another way to add security is to display Location & Time Stamps on the Barcode page. Time stamps display the time and date the barcode was accessed so a store associate can verify its validity. Time stamps require that Offer Timer is being used. Location stamps show the store number (stored in Koupon) where the offer was activated. Location stamps require that Geo-Gating is being used for an offer.

% Available
For offers that use Redemption Caps, its advised that a % Available figure be displayed. The % Available number represents the proportion of offers that remain available in the redemption cap. For example, an offer with a redemption cap of 10,000 would show a 50% availability when 5,000 barcodes had been presented. This helps customers manage when they should redeem an offer and retailers add a sense of urgency to a campaign.