iOs SDK Introduction

The Koupon Media iOS SDK v1.2.0 contains the most up-to-date frameworks for integrating the Koupon Media platform into your own iOS applications. The Koupon Media SDK includes iOS libraries, developer documentation and a sample Xcode project to get you up and running quickly and easily.

Additionally, Koupon Media has partnered with Qualcomm for the purpose of leveraging the Gimbal™ context-aware platform and its Location-based Services (LBS). This document includes instructions on augmenting the Koupon Media SDK with the Gimbal SDK so that you can enhance your applications with geo-fence monitoring, as well as content delivery triggered by geo-fence events and/or time proximity.


Before you get started with the Koupon Media SDK, let’s confirm that your system is set up correctly. Ensure that you are:

• Running OS X
• Using Xcode 4.6+
• Targeting iOS 5.0+

Downloading the SDKs

If you have not already downloaded the Koupon Media SDK (archive), click the button below to download:

Download Koupon Media iOS SDK v2.0.0

If you have purchased the Location based services (LBS) or geo-fence component, you can also download the Gimbal SDK:

Download Gimbal iOS SDK v1.16.1

Sample Projects

Want to see how the Koupon Media SDK works before you integrate it with an existing app? No problem!
We’ve created a sample project using the Koupon Media SDK so that you can see all the libraries and presets you need to get an iOS app running in Xcode.

Download “KMSDK Sample” Xcode Project

If you’re ready to code, but want to start from scratch, we’ve made it really easy for you. Our starter Xcode project is empty except for the Koupon Media SDK that’s already been loaded into it.

Download Blank Xcode Project w/ SDK

Core Concepts

Koupon Media is a cloud-based platform built on the following service components:

• The Koupon Manager, a Content Management System (CMS) that supports the creation, management and distribution of mobile offers.
 Push notifications, a service that supports sending data and content to mobile application users via the Apple Push Notification Service (APNS).
 Location-based services (enabled by the Gimbal SDK), which engage a user based on his or her location.
 Digital Wallet Manager, a service that supports designing and distributing content to Apple Passbook.
We recommended familiarizing yourself with the terms below, as you will see them used throughout the documentation.


“Clients” are approved organizations that have been provisioned with access to the Koupon Manager (based upon their contracted services options). Clients are provided with an AuthKey and AuthSecret, which are used as credentials to make API requests.


“Consumers” are the recipients of a Client’s offer. Apps developed using the Koupon Media SDK can register a consumer’s identity whenever they are launched.


The Koupon Media SDK interfaces with the Koupon Manager and supports offer lifecycle management across the following states:

• Accessed – Offer is accessed and presented within a list.
• Viewed – Offer details such as terms and conditions.
• Presented – Redemption assets delivered to the consumer.


A Geo-fence is a virtual fence around a physical location (latitude and longitude) that, in conjunction with a geo-fence enabled mobile application, communicates arrival, departure and dwell times from the app-defined locations. Please refer to the documentation that is included with the Gimbal SDK for additional information.


Proximity beacons leverage the Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) standard to derive a consumers’ location at a micro-level. When a consumer’s device is within physical proximity to the beacon and detects it, a mobile application can notify the consumer of location-relevant content, promotions and offers. Please refer to the documentation that is included with the Gimbal SDK for additional information.


Apple Passbook is an iOS application that functions as a container for defined-pass templates, including offers, tickets and loyalty cards.