Introduction To Koupon


Koupon Media’s platform enables brands and retailers to create and deliver mobile offers to customers. This article provides a high level overview of Koupon Media’s platform features and functionality. Before we start, let’s define a few things:

Account — each organization that uses the Koupon Platform is given an Account — an Account is likely either a retailer or a brand using Koupon to deliver offers. We sometimes refer to Accounts as our clients too.

Customer — at Koupon, we’re incredibly focused on providing a positive mobile offer experience for our clients’ customers. We define customer as a shopper or the consumers of the Account’s offers.

Mobile Offer — when it comes to offers, we believe the sky is the limit. Mobile offers can be scannable mobile coupons, readable mobile coupons, digital promotions, rebates or simply announcements about a product. At the end of the day, an offer is anything that can be used to communicate a promotion to a customer.


The first step to delivering a mobile offer is to create a channel. A channel is defined by the place where a customer initially sees, receives, or interacts with one or more offers. Koupon Media supports 6 channel types:

Mobile App — offers displayed and redeemed in both an Android and iOS mobile app. Most mobile apps include an offers section where available offers are displayed. Offers displayed to each customer can differ, but we’ll talk about that in another section. The mobile app channel is also where Accounts can send Push Notifications. For more information about the mobile app channel, read about our SDK.

Web — offers delivered in either a desktop web or mobile web experience. Offers can be built into a new or existing web experience using Koupon’s API or using our off-the-shelf Offer Viewer tool, which helps our clients deliver web offers in a matter of minutes.

SMS — offers delivered to a retailer or brand’s SMS marketing list. Texts delivered to customers include a link to a mobile web offer. Koupon can help retailers and brands create unique web links that track customers and limit redemptions.

Social — the Offer Viewer can be promoted on using paid or unpaid social media posts. We’ve had clients mention offers on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and more. We find that leveraging existing social networks can boost reach and increase redemption rates.

Email — printable offers can be sent directly to a customer’s email address or links to offers can be included in regular marketing emails.

Media — many of our clients leverage Koupon’s Redeemable Ad solution. This involves promoting an offer campaign through an existing online media network or traditional media like signage and TV advertising. Leveraging media can expand the audience for offers, but more importantly can lead to increased performance and engagement with ads.


Koupon Media supports four types of offers, each delivers a different user experience and redemption model. All offer types are supported by Koupon Offer Viewer or can be included in customer experiences using Koupon’s API and SDK.


Coupon — traditional instant redeemable coupons with a barcode that can be activated and scanned at a retailer for immediate value

Rebate — cash back offers claimed by taking a photo of a receipt; once purchases are verified, customer receives digital payment

Add to Card — offers that can be added to a customers loyalty card, using either a retailer’s existing loyalty platform or Koupon’s loyalty technology

Native Ad — non offer promotions that can be included as part of a list in Koupon Offer Viewer, commonly linking to another website or property

Offers are created using Koupon Manager, our web-based offer management tool. Depending on the type, each offer has unique content including copy, barcode, purchase requirements, redemption period, targeting, and usage limits. An Offer can be displayed in one or more channels, but its information, settings, and analytics are centralized.




Koupon Manager — our web-based offer management tool is where offers are created, distributed, and monitored. Koupon Manager is also where an Account manages its offer targeting, stores, channels, and account settings.

Koupon Offer Viewer — Koupon’s Offer Viewer is an off-the-shelf web experience tool for displaying offers to customers. Offer Viewer is mobile responsive and can be used as a stand-alone page or embedded into an existing website. Offer Viewer includes all Koupon’s mobile web functionality and can be set up in a matter of minutes.

Koupon API —  Koupon’s REST APIs help developers build web and mobile app experiences using our platform capabilities. Koupon’s API can be used to display offers, target offers, manage customers, create offers, and more. Learn more about our APIs here.

Koupon SDK — Koupon’s Software Development Kit (SDK) helps mobile app developers accelerate the addition of mobile offers. Our SDK includes sample apps for both Android and iOS. The SDK also includes app analytics, geo-location, beacon functionality. Learn more about our SDK here.